Official Music Video
5 min, 16mm, color, 4/3
Produced by Société Acéphale
With the support of CNC (Aide au vidéo clip)
Extract from the compilation L’EAU REPOUSSE LES FEUX AGRESSIFS by Anetha release on Mama told ya

ID-VICE Italy Senza futuro tutto è possibile (...) by Carlotta Magistris, october 2021
MANIFESTO XXI Jardin incarne une fée déchue dans son clip 5th Generation par Géraldine Faure, octobre 2021

Festival Téma! 2023, Paris, FR


Music Jardin, Certain Smith
Camille Degeye
Cast Lény Bernay, Michel Nyarwaya
Cinematography Robin Fresson
Steadicamer Simon Véniel
First camera assistant Élodie Ferré
Second camera assistant Cyprien Poyet
First assistant director Benjamin Hameury
Script Pauline Fleau
Key light Axell Katomba
Electricians Louis Jamaux, Tom Haffner
Costume Designer Leila Nour Johnson,
Charline Prat
Costume Assistant Tania-Maria Alcocer
Catering Claire Perrotin
Editing Augustin Martinez
Colorgrading Arnaud Gallinière
Production management Sarah Lamrini
Executive producers Lorenzo Bianchi,
Anthony Lapia
Film Kodak
Laboratory & scan Color by Dejonghe
Written by Jardin & Certain Smith
Lyrics & vocals Jardin
Mixing Loïc Lachaize & Lény Bernay
Recording Lény Bernay & Sebastien Bassin
Mastering Joel Krozer at Six Bit Deep

copyright camille degeye