The Forsaken


Essai, 15 min, super 8, B&W, 4/3
Produced by Société Acéphale

A man awakes in the desert. As he walks towards the nearest town, he realises mankind has disappeared. Forsaken by the flood, he utters the remains of a ravaged memory like an amnesic chronicler adrift. When the memory of an old love re-enters his mind, the past begins to resurface.

Direction, cinematography Camille Degeye
Cast Youssef Chebbi, Jeanne Vellard, Victor Gresard
Editing Camille Degeye, Anthony Lapia
Sound edit, mix Romain Ozanne
Post-synchronization Mohamed Ali Chiboub
Arabic Translation Sameh Arfaoui
English Translation Valerie Tortolero
Production Lorenzo Bianchi, Anthony Lapia
Poster photo Fakhri El Ghezal 

Collective exhibition Talan 2016, Tunis, Tunisia - “3AJEL, real time”
"Côté Court" Short Film Festival  2018, Pantin, France - Video Art Competition
Edinburg International Film Festival 2018 - Black Box Short : Radical Landscapes
"Silhouette" Short Film Festival 2018, Paris, France - Hybrid Competition
Visual assembly of the Etna collective 2018, Montreuil, France
Bruma Films #3 2019, Paris, France
Focus on Camille Degeye 2020 - Kino inak A4, Bratislava, Slovakia
"Les Inattendus" Film Festival 2020, Lyon, France