Journey through a body


Fiction, 32 min, 16mm, color, 4/3
Produced by Société Acéphale
With the support of Région Ile de France

Thomas, a Swiss-German musician, is stuck at home because of a broken foot. He wanders in his little Parisian flat, his leg in the plaster, trying to compose a new piece of music. When the day comes up, an unexpected visitor awaits behind his door.

Direction, script Camille Degeye
Cast Thomas Kuratli, Laurence Hallard
Cinematography Robin Fresson
Sound  Luc Chessel
Editing Valentin Féron
Sound edit Théophile Gay-Mazas
Sound mix Romain Ozanne
Laboratories L’abominable, Kinografik
Colorgrading Arnaud Gallinière
Translation Ashley Molco Castello
Production Lorenzo Bianchi, Anthony Lapia
Original music Pyrit
Poster painting Yann Lacroix
Poster design Valérie Tortolero


Critic’s week, Cannes - Short Film Competition
Queer Palm 2019, Cannes - Short Film Competition 
Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland - Filmmakers Academy
Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris - French Touch Selection 
DocLisboa, Lisbon, Portugal - International Competition
La Cabina, Valencia, Spain - Official Section
WIPP - Work In Progress Performance, St Ouen
Des courts l’après midi, Marseille
Zoom Camille Degeye - Kino inak A4, Bratislava, Slovakia
See You Sound Festival, Torino, Italy - Short Film Competition
Akbank Short Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey - Perspective section
Vilnus Film Festival / Kino Pavasaris, Lituania - Short Film Competition
MECAL, Barcelona, Spain - Short Film Competition “Oblicua”

Best Short Film 2020 - Vilnus Film Festival / Kino Pavasaris, Lituania
Special Jury Mention - La Cabina, Valencia, Spain

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