Essai, 10 min, super 8, B&W, 4/3
Produced by Société Acéphale

One night, as the storm rumbles, a young man dreams of his lost love.

Direction Camille Degeye
Cast Ashley Molco Castello, Victor Gresard
Cinematography Victor De Las Heras, Camille Degeye
Editing Camille Degeye
Sound edit, mix Romain Ozanne
Production Lorenzo Bianchi, Anthony Lapia
Laboratories L’Etna, L’Abominable
Poster Thomas James 

“Côté Court” Short Film Festival 2016, Pantin, France - Video Art Competition
Free Cinema Film Festival 2016, Hamburg, Germany
“Tous Courts” Short Film Festival 2016, Aix en Provence, France - Experimental Competition
Visual assembly of the Etna collective 2017, Montreuil, France
Archipels Images 2017, Tunis, Tunisia - “First Steps”
“Silhouette” Short Film Festival 2017, Paris, France - Hybrid Competition
“Un festival c’est trop court” Short Film Festival 2017, Nice, France - Competition Experience
Busan International Short Film Festival 2018, South Korea - Forum “Tribute to Maya Deren”
FilmCorti Festival 2018, Florence, Italy - Film innovativi e sperimentali
Sacho Galiero Festival 2019, Vicq-sur-Breuilh, France
Focus on Camille Degeye 2020 - Kino inak A4, Bratislava, Slovakia

Grand Prize of the Experimental Competition 2016 - “Tous Courts” Short Film Festival , Aix en Provence, France
Mention of the Jury of the Hybrid Competition 2017 - “Silhouette” Short Film Festival, Paris, France
Second price “Film innovativi e sperimentali” 2018 - FilmCorti Festival, Florence, Italy

ITW Festival Silhouette - Burûq, meeting with Camille Degeye - online